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okay so i played my first game as nids yesterday and here is my list and I will tell you guys how it went.

Tervigon, acid blood, Regen, Electroshock grubs= 250

3 Warriors Venom cannon, 2x talons= 100
5 Ripper swarm, spine fists=85
16 Termagant, Devourer=160
20 Termagant, Devourer=200
20 Hormagaunt, Adrenal Glands, Toxin sacs=200
20 Hormagaunt, Adrenal Glands, Toxin sacs=200
3 Venomthrope's
Fast attack
10 Gargoyle Brood
Carnifex, acid blood, regen, Heavy Venom cannon= 185
Total 1575

So i went off agaisnt my buddy who is a CSM guy who loves Deamons and I was worried about this.
He brought
30 zombies
10 Marines
10 Plague marines
1 Rhino with missle launcer and combie bolter
1 Heldrake
I think 5 flesh hounds with some leader deamon
and 20 blood letters with skull taker.

At first I was very worried about the game cause I didn't have a single thing to hit the flyer with but thanks to bad reinforcement rolls the Heldrake didn't come in till the end of the game. His zombies assulted my Hormagaunts first but thanks to being close to my warlord I got counter attack and I also hit him first, my 20 guys killed all the zombies but took 3 turns so they were tied up all game. The shooting from my warriors and Carifex actually killed 2 plague marines right off the bat. Then once my termigaunts got in close I pretty much whipped put all his marines in one round of shooting thanks to the assault 3 weapons. Then my Hormagaunts charged the lone typhus with my ripper swarms and finally killed him after 3 rounds of combat. I ALMOST killed everything in turn 3 but his warlord and rhino lasted another turn and finally his reinforcements came on the board. Soon as the heldrake came on he killed handful of units. he deep striked behind my army so basically when it was my turn I just turned around and shoot him to bits as he got closer, finally his last unit was Skull taker who charged my HQ and killed my Tervigon in the first round of combat thanks to my guy not having eternal warrior...

Over all I was very pleased how my army worked and liked the 5+ cover the Venoms gave me, but future games I need something that can shoot at the Flyers of other armies and how can I counter a single guy killing my best unit in one attack?
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