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I know you said this is 'Noncompetitive' so I will only pick on the really 'poor' parts of the list! (Not that their is a huge amount, it looks a fun list)

Originally Posted by McManiac View Post
HQ: 330pts
Chaos lord 165pts
Chaos Bike
2x lighting claws
Sigil of corruption
Gift of mutation
Mark of S

Drop the Second LC, and grab a power fist! you still get +1 attack and you get the choice of shreading or 'smashing!'

Troop: 666pts
-Noise Marines x8 294pts
8x extra CCW
Icon of excess
Vet of the Long War
Power Sword
Melta Bomb
Doom Siren
Dozer Blade
Dirge Caster

-CSM x9 222pts
Plasma Gun
Missile Launcher
Dozer Blade
Havoc Launcher

-Cultists x9 84pts
Heavy Stubber
8x Autoguns
Mark of N

You dont need the mark on the cultists, not worth the points in my book, save it and get more cultists

-Cultists x9 66pts
8x CCW & Autopistol
Mark of S

You dont need the mark on the cultists, not worth the points in my book, save it and get more cultists

Elite: 238pts
-Terminators x5 238pts
Reaper Autocannon
Power Maul
2x Power Axe
2x Power Sword
4x Combi-Bolter
Mark of T
Power Sword

Drop the Power Maul, its useless! otheriwise looks good. (Combi-Plas or melta could work better for you in place of the combi-bolter

Fast Attack: 197pts
-Chaos Bike x4 197pts
2x Meltaguns
Mark of S
Icon of Excess
Vet of the Long War
Melta bomb
Power Sword

With the lord this will be a nice unit. I would look at finding the points for a combi-melta on the Champ. and note you can replace the boters on the bikes, so they still get +1 attack in CC

Heavy Support: 425pts
-Defiler 232pts
Twin-Linked Lascannon
Warp Gargoyles
Havoc Launcher

Drop the Havoc, you cannot use it at the same time as the battle cannon. Same goes with the Lascannon although you can snap fire it, it still needs 6's so may as well get a autocannon that will allow you to shoot twice.

-Havocs x5 193pts
2x Autocannon
Missile Launcher
Flakk Missile
Mark of N
Icon of Veng

Icon of Vengace is a bit pricey but if you are woried about them running away I understand, could be removed to free up some points. I also would look about giving the same Hevey wepon to the whole squad, as they have to fire at the same target, the Autocannons would be useless against things you need the Lascannon for.

This is not a competitive list, I'm playing with some friends so I still want to win. Thoughts are appeased.
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