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Originally Posted by emporershand89 View Post
This is hypocritical in itself to say. Nowhere in Warhammer 40k, in the 7 years I've played this Hobby, have I seen Rape mentioned or disucssed in Literature, Movies, Video Games, and Rulebooks. It is only vaguely mentioned in reference to the henious acts of Slannesh Followers, Choas Worhsipers, Dark Eldar, and Pirate Raiders. Rape has never, nor ever will be, a part of Warhammer 40k because 40k is built around a battlefield of tactically (or through Literature) slaughtering your opponent. We Nerds/Hobbyists don't care about Rape, and honestly don't wanna hear it.

When you spark discussions such as this you are honestly doing the same thing all other Liberal Academic's/Politicians do; cause a fight for no reason. No one Cares, Gives a Shit, or Wants to Hear about it! What was a simple observation about a remark turned into a ridiculous, and unwanted, discussion on the stupidity of "what could be." Serious, be ashamed, both of you.
You don't care about rape? You don't want to hear about it? Nice attitude, and well done for placing your potentially offensive opinion in the mouths of an entire section of the population that includes myself. I happen to care about rape. I happen to think it's a disgusting double standard that we "shouldn't talk about it" in the context of a hobby which revolves around murder, genocide and bigotry, and that double standard is only able to be established for two main reasons - that the hobby is marketed to young children, and that society has a tacit "don't mention the war" policy towards Rape in general.

If anyone should be ashamed, it should be you, for taking it upon yourself to speak for everyone else without their consent, to assume that you are in the right, and to tell other people that they have no right or reason to discuss different points of view on a controversial topic in a civil and adult fashion.

Originally Posted by emporershand89 View Post
"Shying Away?" You had better get your head examined because the last time I looked I saw several sexual references around me. The barely clad olympic skaters, the girl on the billboard promoting Victoria Secrets, Swimsuit models on Fox News articles, oh and a lovely pictures of a half-naked nudists sticker on some dudes truck. Sexual References are everywhere, it is part of the American culture and has been saturated into our daily lives since the "60's;" and the Sexual Revolution. While I'm not condoning it in any way we cannot sit here and claim to be helping the children when we let society bombard them everyday with Pictures, Media, and fellow human interaction with our sexually charged society. Times change, the "Level of Appropriateness" changes, the transmission of sexual references and pornagraphic material change, but sexual refences themselves stay the same. Sexy naked ladies/men for your viewing entertainment.
I don't believe that he's denying sexual material is available, but rather protesting the double standard of the media when it comes to how much and what types of each we can see.

As an example, we are not allowed to see naked breasts until we hit the 15 Age Rating (in the UK) and we can't see any full frontal male/female nudity until the 18 Certificate, and I *think* we are still not allowed to see an erect Penis at all - I could be wrong.

In comparison, we can watch torture, emotional brutalization, jellied babies being eaten, and someone getting their face smashed from a convex shape into a concave curve with a bottle in a 12A certificate (Pan's Labyrinth).

This is despite the fact that we are allowed to actually have sex at 16, and all have either Penis or Vagina/Breasts ourselves, and have definitely seen such body parts on other people (even if it's just your mum or dad when you were small). If you were to ask me which was more damaging to a young child - a love scene or a violent scene, I would choose the violent scene every time. I don't think our bodies are anything to be ashamed of, and neither is sex. On the other hand I don't want any children I might have to grow up thinking that violence is a valid way to solve problems, for example.

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