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Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
the logic "this can hurt children",
This is hypocritical in itself to say. Nowhere in Warhammer 40k, in the 7 years I've played this Hobby, have I seen Rape mentioned or disucssed in Literature, Movies, Video Games, and Rulebooks. It is only vaguely mentioned in reference to the henious acts of Slannesh Followers, Choas Worhsipers, Dark Eldar, and Pirate Raiders. Rape has never, nor ever will be, a part of Warhammer 40k because 40k is built around a battlefield of tactically (or through Literature) slaughtering your opponent. We Nerds/Hobbyists don't care about Rape, and honestly don't wanna hear it.

When you spark discussions such as this you are honestly doing the same thing all other Liberal Academic's/Politicians do; cause a fight for no reason. No one Cares, Gives a Shit, or Wants to Hear about it! What was a simple observation about a remark turned into a ridiculous, and unwanted, discussion on the stupidity of "what could be." Serious, be ashamed, both of you.

Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
Its the same when people judge an actor or a singer by his personal life based on some gossip. What do you care what he does in his own time?
If he's a role model to my son/daughter who will hear and imitate what they say/do then yes....there business is my problem. If Justin Bierber is gonna become a drugged up thrill seeker that is his business until it affects my kids. Fine, no more Bieber for the kiddies. Perhaps if Mrs. Spears had decided to become a role model I would not object, but she turned into a crack slut. Ok, her problem, until my neighbors daughter starts to try such things because she saw "Britney Do it," and eventually get pulled into County for Drug usage and UnderAge Eplopement (at the time I thought this the most reidiculous term I had ever heard).

So Yes, I blame them and criticize them when they fuck up. Especially when your drag racing down public avenues and putting people's lives in potential harm, or when you do drugs and go partying that inspires an entire egenration of young females to follow suits. If you want to step into the spot light that is fine, just realize your now a Celebrity; and Celebrities are Business. Don't have a good reputation, your income suffers, and I certainly will criticize you if it affects what I hear and say everyday.

Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
we have been shying away from freely expressing anything remotely sexual, while in comparison promoting violence.
"Shying Away?" You had better get your head examined because the last time I looked I saw several sexual references around me. The barely clad olympic skaters, the girl on the billboard promoting Victoria Secrets, Swimsuit models on Fox News articles, oh and a lovely pictures of a half-naked nudists sticker on some dudes truck. Sexual References are everywhere, it is part of the American culture and has been saturated into our daily lives since the "60's;" and the Sexual Revolution. While I'm not condoning it in any way we cannot sit here and claim to be helping the children when we let society bombard them everyday with Pictures, Media, and fellow human interaction with our sexually charged society. Times change, the "Level of Appropriateness" changes, the transmission of sexual references and pornagraphic material change, but sexual refences themselves stay the same. Sexy naked ladies/men for your viewing entertainment.

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"

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