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Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
The argument about "it will hurt children" generally doesn't hold true and only brought up when one doesn't have any other argument to defend his point.
If it hurts children why do you let them play this game to begin with? Why do you let them go to the mall where they sell alchohol, cigarets,medical drugs? Where they can see advertisements with almost naked man/woman? Why do you let them watch TV, listen to music, read books, go to museums. By the logic "this can hurt children", they should be kept in a closed box where they can see nothing, hear nothing, talk nothing.

If your child got hurt from a lack of comprehension it is because of bad parenting or more likely absolute lack of it. Most children are smarter than most parents make them out to be, a lot of times protecting children mentally leads them to be underdeveloped or lacking in knowledge about most basic things like sex. Teach children what it is and how to handle it rather than deny the fact that it exists.
It is a young mind that is most susceptible to influence.
There is a world of difference between teaching your kids about sex education and letting them casually come into contact with rape references in a situation where they can be trivialised in the same way violence and death are.

My daughter is 4. She already knows about how babies are made and grown, and the difference between boy and girl genetalia. Does that mean I'd be willing to teach her about the horrific psychological trauma that is rape, and how she's likely to come across it at least once in her life? Hell no. Not til she's much older.

There is a time and place for all these things. And in a situation where it becomes trivialised is not the place to learn them, as that lessens the lesson. Trivialising violence and death is one thing, especially given we're talking about *war* games. Trivialising one of the deepest and most fundamental psychological traumas you can inflict upon another human being (both male or female) is another.

There is a lot of crap out there I want to shield my kids from. And I know that eventually they'll come in contact with it, and hopefully I'll have taught them enough to be able to deal with it. That doesn't mean I want to be playing Monopoly with them and have a "you were caught raping a girl in a back alleyway, go straight to jail" card come up.

There are good reasons things like rape are left out of games. We've been over many of them in this thread already. I wasn't wheeling out "it'll hurt kids" as a last ditch thing, it's the simple truth. There are many things out there that will hurt kids - hiding them from it won't do them any good, but is slamming it in their faces in a *game* going to be better? I think not...

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