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Originally Posted by imm0rtal reaper View Post

I don't know if this was the point you were trying to make, if not I apologise, but rape is not beautiful. This is not a scene about sex, this has nothing to do with sexualisation. It's about rape, which is NEVER ok.

It might not have a place in our day to day hobby (such as being on display in a FLGS, or being on your gaming table.) But it very much does have a place.

Disgustingly, rape is still a topic that most people shy away from and ignore. It's easier to ignore it than it is to address it.

I don't know what the artists original intentions for this piece were. And I don't care. This piece gets in your face and screams "rape is still a thing you know. Just becuase it makes you uncomfortable and you prefer to ignore it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen." and, in my opinion, that's a good thing. Because people (and I don't just mean victims here, becuase talking about it for them is a much more complex issue) should talk about rape.
I was talking about general repression and fear of our own sexuality. In no way do I condone rape. I was making a comparison that in our society for a long time we have been shying away from freely expressing anything remotely sexual, while in comparison promoting violence. Of course its wrong to outright show porn in public media , but violence in any media is by far more accepted than a physical act of love.
However so far, each newer generation has been more open to wider range of ideas (at least in general). Look at this example, a male organ had to be covered up on a statue because it was apparently inappropriate? While its an old example from few hundred years ago it still happens.
Its been studied while without much effect that sexual repression ,illiteracy and denial can lead to sexism and sexual abuse.

To bring up a same topic of sexism that is being discussed here. What would be your reaction if you replace the Eldar with a Guards man, and Guards with Eldar woman? The reaction would be completely different, people would say "Guards dream come true" or something along those lines.

The original intentions of the work dont matter and only should to the creator. If we cared about the original intentions we should not wear any Adidas cloths since they used to make uniform for Nazi army, or drive Mercedes or Porsche since they made tanks that were used to fight Allies.
We should only care about the work itself and what ideas it represents to us. Its the same when people judge an actor or a singer by his personal life based on some gossip. What do you care what he does in his own time?
That is blatant hypocrisy.
Watch this and tell that its not a good representation of how one sided a world can be sometimes.

Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
Young children can play with pens and pencils as well, does that mean we shouldn't draw the same scene on paper? It's not as though he's displaying it on a shelf in his local store. I'm also not sure what you mean by "younger minds" - do you mean people under 15? Because that's the age our society tells us we're allowed to see naked boobies (although it's perfectly ok to have singers wearing roughly 30 square centimeters of clothing prance about on MTV grinding their crotches into other people all day long)? Is it the nudity that bothers you, or the "darkness" of the scene? If it's the "darkness" then, if the younger minds are into this hobby, then they know that "darkness" is part and parcel of 40k and WFB, as shown by some of the linked artwork from GW's own books of a guardsman having his entrails feasted on by Ripper Swarms and so on. The linked diorama is much MUCH less explicit than that.
The argument about "it will hurt children" generally doesn't hold true and only brought up when one doesn't have any other argument to defend his point.
If it hurts children why do you let them play this game to begin with? Why do you let them go to the mall where they sell alchohol, cigarets,medical drugs? Where they can see advertisements with almost naked man/woman? Why do you let them watch TV, listen to music, read books, go to museums. By the logic "this can hurt children", they should be kept in a closed box where they can see nothing, hear nothing, talk nothing.

If your child got hurt from a lack of comprehension it is because of bad parenting or more likely absolute lack of it. Most children are smarter than most parents make them out to be, a lot of times protecting children mentally leads them to be underdeveloped or lacking in knowledge about most basic things like sex. Teach children what it is and how to handle it rather than deny the fact that it exists.
It is a young mind that is most susceptible to influence.

Funny enough it is people who outright deny this work, and call it "shit" give the shortest reply and lack of any opinion why. Now we can see who is close minded.
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