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Originally Posted by lockeF View Post
So my thoughts are in Blue.

All that being said, to add to your list I would second the use of venomthropes and zoanthropes (for their psychic potential as well as you need synapse). If I was playing you at 1250, I would focus my STR 8 weapons on those warriors and watch your army fall apart before they even make it to CC. Forcing moral along the way, which the homragaunts and termagants would most likely fail.

All the other suggestions added seem pretty good as well. Since you're already running so many termagants, you could easily bump a brood up to 30 and take a troop tervigon. Which, provides a tough scoring unit as well as the much needed synapse.

I would consider a 2nd squad of 15 gargoyles for more threats that are quick. With a flyrant for your warlord. It is tough, maneuverable, and deadly. Again, it adds synapse.

At 1750 I have been running 5 sources of synapse and have lost at least 3 in all my games. So at 1850, I would suggest trying to find a way to have at least 5 sources. Warriors are your first source, a tervigon makes an excellent 2nd source for this list.
Thank you for the amazing feedback! My first game will most likely be Friday against my buddy who plays chaos space marines and loves plague marines and loves daemons so should be interesting, I'm picking up another unit today and I'm torren between the trygon prime or the tervigon for this weekends game.
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