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Wow . . . that's pretty horrifying.

It really is like an episode of hoarders. I dare say the painting skill all looks about the same which suggests its one strange bastard who is really painting all of this (poorly).

I can't even imagine the type of disposable income which would be required to amass such a Smaug-like mound of warhammer miniatures. There's some Dutch guy who slumbers on a pile of warhammer figures.

The only things I can imagine are:
1) he's wealthy, has a short attention span, and megalomaniacal factors
2) he's a GW manager who buys his own stock to keep his store in business
3) He's a mental case spending his assistance checks on warhammer. (I posit this sadly having worked in a FLGS where the 1st of the month a dude would come in and basically blow his welfare check on comics and collectables. Every month.)
4) maybe it's somebody collecting second hand armies, repainting them and reselling.

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Could someone please call the police on this guy? I can hear the English Language screaming in pain. This has to be illegal somewhere.
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