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Originally Posted by koolkruse View Post
See, I was trying to find a way for my dp with the black mace to use a normal CCW on the turn he charges, swap to the mace on my opponents, sweep them on that turn, and hop scotch through the enemy army. I can almost do it, but he doesn't have a ccw to swap to....Because arguing that the writers don't know what they are doing and you do is silly, and only viable in cases of game breakdown, let's keep this to rules as written)
Just looking at your original post, it seems you want this to work so bad so you can do just as you described above to you opponents. Just put yourself in the other players shoes and wonder how he feels when you try to tell him what you want to do though a half hour study of two rule books and multiple sections so you can gain an advantage?

Then look as what you said about sticking to the rules written...

Take the description of the attack s4 ap- literally and that what you get plain and simple.

Also, compare this to the hammer of wrath attack, it says that this is a users S ap- auto hit attack, in the FAQ it states that no special rules of the models weapon are transferred to this attack...

In all good sportsmanship I would just go with s4 ap- in addition to your attacks... If you win combat and have to take a round of shooting then that's how the cookie crumbles...
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