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Yeah, that was my take on it (from the 2nd Ed Codex: Chaos, I think) - it was the birth of Slaanesh as an entity that created the Eye of Terror and blew away the previous galaxy-wide warp-storms that had (for millenia?) cut off the planets of the first human expansion from each other (which is why the Astartes spent so much time in the Great Crusade re-conquering human worlds).

These warp-storms themselves were caused by the psychic energy Eldar's most depraved desires manifesting themselves during the descent of the Eldar into decadence, which must have been a more-or-less long process - the 'birth pangs of Slaanesh' if you like. But he didn't actually manifest himself as an entity until the end of that process.

That's my understanding anyway.

So yeah - he's about 10,000 years old.

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