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Default New Nid list to 1850

So I am a new Nid player, Mostly play with my Necrons and Here is my first attempt at a Nid list.
So here is my list

Deathleaper 130pts
3 Warriors, 1 venom Cannon 10pts , 1 death spitter 5pts, 1 pair of bone swords 15pts = 120pts
20 Termagants, Devourers, Toxin sacs=200
20 Termagants, Devourers, Toxin sacs=200
20 Hormagaunts, adrenal glands= 140
20 Hormagaunts, adrenal glands= 140
4 Ripper swarms, Spinefists, deep strike= 70
Fast attack:
10 Gargoyle, Toxin sacs= 80
1 Carnifex, 1 Heavy Venom Cannon 20pts, Regeneration 30pts, Bone mace 15pts= 185

Total 1265
Im looking to pick up some more units to reach 1850 but dont know what I should take, Im interested in Mawloc to hit the enemies rear units, and maybe another Carnifex. Aslo Have a feeling I need a much better HQ. Reason why I have so many troop choices is if they choose to waste shooting at my horde, fine let them, saves my big units, if they dont that fine as well, a unit carrying assault 3 weapons is nasty. Basically Im trying to have that right mix where my opponent isn't sure what he should focus on.
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