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Umm. Sorry, I know this is going to sound really condescending over the internet, and I wish I had a nicer way to put this....

Have you really thought about what I've been saying, or are these snap responses?

I use models with more then one weapon because it specifically clarifies they have to pick one, which is where all the various wording and rules come in. The combat familiar grants you two extra str 4 ap - attacks. I assume a model with multiple weapons so we have a grounding point that all of his attacks have to be modified by that weapon, which is the entire basis of my argument. Having to pick a weapon doesn't break or ruin anything about what I talk about.

We could assume one weapon models (dp with mace, let's say), but now I don't have a rules section that says that I have to use that weapon with every attack I make. Because I don't have that, I'm choosing to base my argument elsewhere, so that I have a grounding to work with, which is important for rules discussion.

Again, I'm sure this sounds really condescending, and I wish I had a nicer way to write this (sometimes I'm a tad blunt....), but I think you're getting caught up on me basing it with models with multiple weapons. I'm not arguing the CF is a weapon. It's TECHNICALLY not relevant, except for the fact I don't have a section to point to for models with one. It's just implicit, and I want to make sure there's a clear rules path for every step of this.
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