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Default Can regular humans have similar/extra organs to a space marine?

This happened just yesterday when I was at my GW store, I was thinking of buying a centurian squad and making a captain/force commander with centurian armor. As I was browsing around like a little kid like we all do in there was a game going on.

One guy was playing chaos SM and the other was playing IG with Augumentations. Now normally I'd be 'cool there's bound to be regiments of IG that been augmented with drugs, viruses or genetics' but then the IG player said his Shock Troopers? (IG elite troops) were augmented similar(NOT THE SAME AS A SM) to a SM like having an extra heart and other organs the SM have but far less efficient then the SM organs. This excluded the black carparse I believe although he didn't mention it. Of course am standing they'd like an idiot scratching my head 'whaa? I dont think that's possible Is it?'

I wasn't going to get in that situation. My question is the title lol.
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