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Unless you're using every game to practice for a tournament ... why not change up HOW you and your group play your games? Set certain limits:
1) NO LVL 4!! -- If you're so bored by the power of the magic phase, curb it down a bit. I play a lot of smaller games so this is easier done for me. I've even used no magic with varied degrees of success. But 8th Ed (unfortunately) is mostly a game of "he who gets the nuke off first". Sure you can still do that w/ a lower lvl magic user since they can all use 6 dice but the chances of getting that spell are much lower. Heck, try a few games w/ NO magic.
2) No Horde Formation -- If you find it annoying going up against 2 or 3 horded up units, play some games where horde is not allowed. You could even go so far as to set limits on unit size (max 30, no horde).
3) Try to have everyone use 1 or 2 non optimal unit/formation in a few games.
4) Gun lines got you down? Set a percentage of the army that can be missile units/war machines.
5) Play/make up new scenarios! So many people just want to play the standard battle line scenario ... SNORE!!! Throw some home brewed scenarios into the mix. Make sure everyone agrees on any special rules. Obviously, try to keep them from benefiting/hindering any one army.

These are just a few easy suggestions. Try just one at a time. I'm not a huge fan of the "Super Comp" systems. I think the best form of comp is self restraint. Try to get your usual opponents to try new ways of playing.

I play WoC and they tend to be non-optimized armies. But I play in a group where that's the norm since none of us has played in a tournament for a good 8 years. And guess what, we usually have a lot of ...FUN... when we play!

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