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Thanks, revolantis. I am pretty happy with the paint scheme as well. I have found it's way more fun to come up with your own paint schemes on miniatures than to just copy the company's display miniatures exactly. But I did paint codex ultramarines for quite some time as a teenager.
With that in mind, Here's an update of my Chief Librarian Tigurius model. I learned a lot about highlighting and painting glow-like effects by working on this guy. That said, I am still not satisfied with everything about him. After many washes on his force staff, the colors have become a bit muddy. I need to do a better job on a few of the gem-like artifacts scattered around the mini. additionally, the bolt-pistol is kind of a mess and I want to clean up the metal lightning bolts on his armor, the skulls, and his yellow tabard. The tabard started out red, because I thought I would paint every tabard in the army the same color, but after looking over my old "Codex: Ultramarines" from 2nd eddition, I remembered that librarians supposedly all wear yellow cloth (at least if they follow the Codex Astartes to the letter). I thought the yellow would help him stand out more in the army. I believe I can use enough similar colors on the rest of the mini to tie him in with the rest of the army's overall color scheme. Comments and criticisms welcome on this guy, as I know I have some more work to do on him. I still need to get a power pack on his back, too.
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