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Icon Mordheim local comp: Lizardmen

My local store is hosting a Mordheim competition, Original rules with any warband type, I'm choosing Lizardmen. I'm new to Mordheim, I didnt actually know what it was until now so if there are any experienced Mordheimers I'd love to hear your verdict:

Skink priest 60gc
1. Shortbow -5gc
2. Bolas 5gc

T = 70gc

X2 skink great crests 60gc
1. Shortbow(s) 10gc
2. Shields(s) 10gc
3. Bolas(s) 10gc
4. Dark venom(s) 20gc

T = 110gc

X6 Skink brave(s) 120gc
1. Shortbow(s) 30gc
2. Bolas(s) 30gc
3. Shield(s) 30gc
4. Reptile venom(s) 30gc

T = 240gc

2x skink brave(s) 40
1. Shield(s) 10gc
2. Bolas 10gc
3. Axe(s) -10gc
4. Shortbow(s) -10gc

T = 80gc

Overall = 500gc
Remainder 0gc


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