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Originally Posted by The Final Frontier View Post
I was at a GW store last week and got into an argument/discussion over his SM chapter where he was using an entirely new Geenseed. Apparently he said he took half the Geenseed(Ultramarine GS) of his SM chapter Master and half of the DNA from a very powerful HUMAN Psyker to get basically get SM that could be powerful librarians. This been on my mind since then. I mean wouldn't the human DNA/Geenseed(what ever you want to call it) be rejected or destroyed? I can't see both fusing to form an entirely new Geenseed. What are your thoughts?

I might be wrong, but I'm thinking that fucking with the geneseed to make psykers would go over about as well as walking into the Vatican in the year 11 hundred and telling the pope that Jesus was a Muslim sex worker.

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