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Originally Posted by fatmantis View Post
oh thanks for the laugh in what society does this even work? this is on par with just ignore the bully he will get bored and go away...please imean no disrespect but that will never work..well unless your the hulk then maybe..
Have you tried this before? I've had it work more than it failed. It's also a completely and utterly different situation to bullying - which is a person or group of people picking on another person and victimising them, which fulfills their predatory and pack instinct by targeting a weaker individual, and the best way to deal with it is in fact to kick them in the balls as hard as you can when they don't expect it and can't retaliate.

What Straken describes isn't bullying, it's people spouting off their own opinions without enough empathy to understand how irritating everyone else finds it. They don't expect anyone to tell them directly to stop, because in their mind then they're just pointing out the incredibly obvious fact that 40k is crap, GW is crap, and no-one in their right mind would play the game. They don't have a confrontational mindset in place because they aren't being challenged, which means you have a pretty good chance of successfully impacting their behaviour by challenging it.

90% of people think they are above average.

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