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Originally Posted by Sethis;1534601

"Hi, I don't know if you've noticed, but I happen to enjoy playing 40k. When you rant about it like this, I feel that you are criticising me personally, because I have chosen to play this game. I appreciate you do not like the system or company, and that's your choice, but I would ask that you don't keep lashing on at it while I'm here. After all, if I bitched about how shit [their system
is every time you walked in the room, you'd get pretty sick of it too. Have some respect for other people, and please keep your opinions to yourself."
oh thanks for the laugh in what society does this even work? this is on par with just ignore the bully he will get bored and go away...please imean no disrespect but that will never work..well unless your the hulk then maybe..

The key is to be strong, unhesitating and polite. Don't engage in debate, and especially don't argue or lose your temper. Simply say what you want to say and then walk back to your table and continue what you were doing - absolutely don't say this just before leaving the store (which will be seen unconsciously as weak)very true). I'd say you've got something like an 90% chance of them apologising and stopping from doing it doubt this very very much but hey give it a go(

If that doesn't work (for whatever reason) then have a quiet word with the manager. Point out that you are being put off from attending (and mention anyone else you can think of who might be put off too - don't be afraid to speak out for every single other 40k player, they probably agree with you) and therefore spending less time in his store, less time playing his games, and spending less money. Odds are good that he'll stamp on it.
this should be the first and only option if you dont want a confrontation..im sure as i said earlier most small business cant afford to lose a customer to some idiot..it should be the managers responsibility to say "hey you guys are annoying customers either shut it or go
it is time the minority stopped ruling the majority...of my soap box now ahahah
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