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now before you read my comment bear in mind i am a very aggressive person...so when i hear this type of comments im straight up in their face and tell them to shut up..play your game and leave me to play my..people are entitled to thier opinions but i am at my wits end with all this GW hate at the moment..sick to death of hearing about the cost and the rules blah blah..if you dont like move on..but shut your mouth.

now as an owner of a LFGS i dont allow this type of behavior..if i see it i stop it immediately..i will not loose customers due to small minded idiots. as for power gamers we are lucky we only have 1..and he really gets every body down..so i played him beat him twice now he hasn't been seen for a while haha.
but again as an owner i try to keep the environment as cool as possible.
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