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You're throwing a very specific example out to counter this list; I know Tau is usually heavy on anti-air, but how many armies do you know that's carrying that many anti-air units for FMCs? Two Riptides, a flier, and massive quantity of autocannons rerolling their snapshots SHOULD handle anything. In your Monster mash example, each dead Demon is worth a good chunk of their arm
That may be a specific example, but its an example that people run. If you go out to do something say a tourney and you run into a list like that, you will basically auto lose. That is not the hallmark of a balanced list.
It doesn't have to be chaos demons, it can be a Tyrant with a 2+ jink thanks to Shroud, it can be a 2+ cover and 30+ wounds Grotesque squad running at you, it can be a single unit of Harlequins backed by fortune or even a Dark Angel 4+ invul Tri landraider list etc etc. You don't have a way to strip cover nor do you have a way to >at least< tie something big up. If nothing else Tank Traps would completely prevent you being rushed by armor.

Again, you seem to be focusing on what a Demons of Chaos list will do... have you had bad experiences with them? I like to build my list for all comers, and it feels foolish to kit out the Wraithknight for close combat when nothing else in the army is built for it, just in case I get a death star coming at me. Besides, in a situation like that I can do the same thing that you suggested against me; overwhelming firepower. Each squad of Broadsides can unleash 18 shots a turn, and I have 4 of those squads.
Two bright lances will glance AV 14 on a 4. Two Wraithcannons will glance AV 14 on a 4.....I wasen't asking you to give up on his firepower, i was asking you to give him a Invul save so he can tank certain types of hits in CC. The 4+ invul power from the BRB is better, but my example is cheaper than giving him a Suncannon. See above for the remainder.

Really not interested in Fortifications. Anything a Riptide can do to me, I can do to it
That not exactly true. While your own riptides can and will play with enemy riptides thanks to JsJ, your broadsides cannot. The best you can do is park them in a 4+ save area. If you are fighting enemy Tau they can not only strip your cover but their blast will isnta kill almost a 200 point unit a turn, and those broadsides cannot fight back when they JsJ out of LOS. You of course don't have to take a fortification, but when your enemy does and it lets them win the game what are you going to do? Void Sheilds clearly won't stand against your mass of Tank Hunters Str 7, but something like a Macro Cannon which is AV 15 will. Even your Wraithcannons are glancing on a 5+, but a simple Landing Pad will do a lot for the enemy, or even something large like a Fortress will allow the enemy to Jsj out of LOS where you have nothing to hurt him but static SMS. Any sort of out of LOS barrage is going to ruin your day.

The Advent Calender Dataslates that GW sold. They had a few doozies of Formations, including the Firebase Support Cadre and the Astartes Storm Win
Thats really cool, I will have to take a look at it.

The Fusion Blasters on the Riptides are more there because I might get a Heldrake or Stormraven flying in, and I want to pop S12 armor on a flier. I have 12 SMS already on all the broadsides to deal with cover if needed, and they don't synch very well with the Ion Accelerators.
Yes of course you are correct, but the Broadsides won't be moving much, if at all, and the Riptides will. Other than your bikes you don't have much to fear from Helldrakes because of all your 2+ armor, and a Storm Raven is immune to melta. In my suggestion you can move your riptides up and hunt people who are hiding behind cover and out of range of the broadsides. I would give it a shot both ways and see what you need the most.

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