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So be it.
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I love fantasy like I love any other table-top board game, just more. I love the tactical difficulty of playing Wood Elves, but the way that if played right they can do well. I love the formations - outmaneuvering people and making them do things they definitely don't want to is really entertaining - and I love being able to get in close and not lose my entire army immediately (like I do with my BA, though I often kill most of his first and sometimes pull a win). I don't personally put too much into magic, and though I do use a lv4 Beastweaver the best I can do is buff my own units with it. I also don't use large blocks of infantry, which may be why I seem to be enjoying it more than you. I don't know much about ogres tactics, but cavalry, MSU, medium infantry blocks combined with support, all of this works pretty well for me. The fun of the game isn't in crashing your army against your opponents and hoping to pull off a win, but rather from maneuvering, positioning, and bringing your army together to strike at his units in a way that will cripple him at the opportune moment. The movement phase is the most important of the game, because the rest is just dice and target prioritizing.

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