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8th Edition is a little too magic heavy for me, but otherwise I think you have some complaints common to 40k people who also play fantasy on the side... 40k players think that the point of melee units is to get them into melee as soon as possible. They also think that each death is a lot more meaningful than it is.

When you have a block of 30, you only need 20 for max combat bonus, and only need 10 for max attacks (even your ogres should be taking blocks of 9-12 for core units). This is not like 40k, where every model should contribute to every fight. This means you have a buffer of models to take the extra turn under fire, and maneuver these blocky formations into flank charges. Because that's the other thing about these rectangles... they are VERY HARD to maneuver, so it's easy to just line-em-up and throw them forward, but the game absolutely rewards the person who can make them dance.

I played fantasy for 10 years before I picked up 40k, btw, and I like them both... Some day I need someone to tell me how all my bad habits from fantasy are making me lose 40k games, though ;)
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