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Originally Posted by SwedeMarine View Post
Holy shit Xeno. I always forget how skilled you truly are brother. Very nice work. enjoy this cookie for your Night Lords.
Yey, cookies! Suddenly my life has meaning again I am but a humble servant and I always try my best and spend a lot of time on my miniatures, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Originally Posted by wolflordthor View Post
Extremely supreme paintjob, the lightnings are visible, yet subtle, which makes the entire composition really neat and good looking! Your Night Lords project is truly amazing!
Amazing perhaps, but sadly very slow also. But good things comes to those whom... You know. I just hope I can keep my interest up in this project so I don't end up changing my mind after 20 tacticals and a dread...

Originally Posted by zxyogi View Post
Verrrrrrrrry Niicccccccceeeee!!!!!!
Thank you, kind sir!


I'm sadly kind of low on time the coming months, but I try to do something each day to move the hobby projects along. I have some ideas for the command squad but haven't actually built or converted them any more than in the previous pictures show. You'll see them again once I get those ideas hammered out. I also have ordered some of the pieces needed for some of the planned Night Lord units (the Breachers mentioned above), but not all of them. I'm waiting till Jan 31 before I put in my next ForgeWorld order.

While we play the waiting game I've been putting more paint on the first Contemptor Dreadnought. Progress is slow and very "trial-and-error" which is nerve wrecking with a miniature this size, although it does mean that I can use many of the lessons learnt on the other dreadnoughts and in some cases in all of the vehicles that are to follow further down the line.

The skeleton will need a pure white highlight on some edges to tone down the yellow qualities given by the washes I used. But it's kind of nice to have something that breaks up the colour palette. Now I just need to balance it along so it doesn't become distracting (with the helmets and the other details). I tried using the Nihilakh Oxide along with my own mix (mentioned in the last post) and I found it to actually complement my own (darker) mix very well. Might try it out on a few selected spots on the coming infantry squads.

Hope you enjoy, till next time
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