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Default Why play Fantasy?

I'm having something of a crisis of faith. I've put a fairly substantial amount of time and effort into my Ogre Kingdoms and have reached roughly 2000pts (which is still, according to my group, not enough for most small games, let alone a proper game). So before I shell out a VAST sum of money, I pose a question:

What makes Fantasy worth spending time and money on?

Because I've found it to be playing a dice game, with some plastic ornaments in the background. You sit there and flail ineffectually at each other with giant rectangles of infantry, while your cannons kills each other's cannons, and then Wizards happen to make everything happen. The army hinges on the Wizards - you can't achieve anything without a Wizard, and your opponent can't achieve anything without a Wizard. If you don't have a Level 4 and your opponent does, you may as well call the game at the start. There's no tactics involved - you just slam your infantry into your opponent's infantry and hope that you kill four of his hundred and twenty dudes while he only kills three of your ninety dudes. Your army achieves nothing. Your Wizards, though? They remove handfulls of dudes, or debuff your opponent into oblivion, or make you into unstoppable machines of destruction.

I get tired and frustrated when I play Fantasy, because it seems to be a game of rolling dice to kill a couple of models per turn until one player lucks out on his Winds of Magic or fails a dispel and the game is won in that one magic phase.

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