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Hey Jim. If you live anywhere near Glasgow I could give you an opportunity to slap the dark blue bats down?
My regular opponent and raven guard fanatic, the other Jim, has handed out his fair share of beat downs. We generally get a bit of banter going before we play the next game in our linked campaign. He is a fluff stickler as opposed to power gaming. I too tend to take fluffy stuff that I like but is not always successful.
Mate, if you like the raven guard fluff, go for vanguards with claws with Korvydae or shrike leading them. It's your choice if you want substance and fluff. I like playing my mate Jim's raven guard because he goes for narrative fluff as I do. It adds up to a more richly satisfying experience that in the end, it doesn't matter who wins, as long as the game was fun and captured our imagination.
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