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Finally got the codex (and purchased a Zoanthrope at the same time) and I have encountered the following problems my above list:

1) Hive Tyrants can only use weapons from 'Monstrous Bio-Cannons' and not 'Basic Bio-Cannons', meaning my converted Hive Tyrant (that walks on all fours and has a spiked tail) has a Barbed Strangler on his back that needs replacing... so maybe left-over devourers put together as a Twin-linked Devourer with brain leech worms?

2) I'm not sure on my Tyranid Warriors because it lists Devourer and Scything Talons as standard, but you can replace the Devourer with any Basic Bio-Weapon (in my case Death Spitters)... yet i've not seen anyone else do this and not even the pics in the book have the scyth+Death Spitter combo, so it it legal?

3) My next step is to purchase a pack of 12 Termagants (free swarm too) and despite them joining my previous Termagant unit, even with the same paint job they'll look slightly different (they were painted when I was younger after all), so they will all be given non-fleshborer weapons to standout... but i'm not sure on Devourers, Spike Rifles or Spine Fists? (i'll give 1 a Strangle Web if it's in the box anyway).

BTW one of my Genestealers in the 15-man squad broke badly, so I've converted him into a Broodlord by doing it up and giving him scything talons.

EDIT: I've found the answer to (1) by accident when I googled 'Hive Tyrant' and spotted older 2nd and 3rd edition Tyrant models with Barb-strangler... apparently they are classed as Stranglethorn Cannons now (phew! I was worried about removing a big piece of fire power then).

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