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Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
Has anyone played this boutique nightmare horror rpg? I saw the intro video and I get it more or less and it looks simply awesome with the high quality models. But I am still confused about some special models like pin up ones, are they just for show and collection?
Has anyone played this or just knows what going on can elaborate on this game, I really would like to pick up a copy but dint know about it until quite recently so missed out on the kickstarter set

yea, I got into the Kickstarter. the story is awesome, and will be pretty much a depressing Sims with monsters. you build a community, fight monsters, collect gear in an evolved d&d environment. the creator is awesome, and the art is as well. they have a website kingdomdeathdotcom you should check out some of their older sculpts. there are basic characters, and than as you collect resources, you can arm them better and build a hunting part. you have to build the entire culture. and if someone dies, it hurts the group's power and skill. pretty cool monsters too, they all are some kind of human mutations. if you look they all have human body parts growing out of them, or covering their skin.
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