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Originally Posted by Worthy View Post
I've just found my old Tyranid army from back when I was a kid (3rd or 4th edition one's) but i'm wondering if it's worth buying the new codex and adding to them?

Here is the list:

1x converted Hive Tyrant (2 sything talons and barbed strangler).

15x Genestealers (includes the 3 that came with Space Crusade).

12x Termagants (Fleshborers)

20x Hormagants.

3 Tyranid Warriors (all with Death Spitters and rending claws )

3 Ripper Swarm bases (5 on each)

...If I was to continue with this, i'd probably add a Zoanthrope and 5 more Termagants?

You have about a thousand points there with normal builds.. I'd suggest an Exocrine, Hive Crone, and Trygon to add to these.
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