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Originally Posted by Ddraig Cymry View Post
Did you hear that? Because the scream of joy I just emitted should have been powerful enough to be heard not only in Sweden but also somehow in the vacuum of space.
I did not, although we did have a lot of storms and strong winds lately so maybe that has something to do with it. And I have no contacts in outer space so I cannot confirm nor deny that statement, sir.

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Loving that command squad. One of the most characterful units I've ever seen. The banner is genius. Consider the idea robbed when I eventually get around to starting my NL army.
Do it, creative ideas in this hobby are made to be stolen and used to spread the love around.

Originally Posted by Jacobite View Post
Night Lords Breacher Squad? Oh giggidy. That command squad looks brutal, nice use of Enkomi's head, it's one of the best heads I think FW has ever produced. That Dread is coming along swimmingly as well. Always love to see your updates.
And I love to have you around in my thread pushing me along!

Yes, Night Lord Breachers. Would be an atypical unit to have in the army (fluff-wise) but I'm not one to be fully bound by the rules or traditions displayed in front of me. I find units and behaviours breaking the norm interesting while still keeping within the traditional aspects for details. Breachers give a lot of space to play around with and adorn which is why the idea stuck in my head. I would probably not use them as a breacher squad though, rather just use them as unit decorations (10-men total and using them as the 5 men in the front of a squad of 5 to 15 normal legion tactical marines each) to add some flavour. Conceptually I love the Breachers in every way though. Right now I'm mostly throwing ideas around in my head to make the army playable in both 30 and 40k (as C:SM in that case), more units that you can use as tactical marines are always usefull I guess.

Then again I'm reluctant to add more units to the pile seeing as I just now finished the first 10 man squad, a year or so after I started it. Adding another 30 marines to the list of things to do for this particular army doesn't help with the speed much... Them good ideas are so tempting and many though, and I have some cash "free for use"...

Originally Posted by wolflordthor View Post
That squad.
You sir, (AS ALWAYS!!!) created a masterpiece. Those night lords look terrifying and yet they have the Legiones Astartes look, you found the exact balance between conversion and "original" form. Maybe you can decorate some of them with cut-off hands/heads/whichever body parts would suit the models. However, thats some kind of personal impression of the Night Lords that got stuck in my head while reading the Horus Heresy novels.... To keep it short, this squad is awesome, GW should hire you, then everybody is happy!
I'm not fully done with them just yet. I have some more ideas I want to explore. Right now I'm thinking about adding more spears to the squad and making that "my thing" for this particular army visually. Some opponents might be reluctant to let me use them as anything other than power spear/lances which doesn't really interest me that much, but visually I find them really attractive and fitting for some reason...

I have some body parts stacked up but haven't added them to any particular unit just yet. I'm also slowly getting more usefull gruesome decorations from ebay and other sources so I have pieces available should I ever need them as I go ahead.

Originally Posted by NostromanNeckTie View Post
It's nice to see so many Night Lords armies on this site and that Contemptor is fantastic! The model with the big lance is awesome too, did you think about using him as Sevatar? he definitely fits the bill. Keep it up man.
Ave Dominus Nox!
I'm glad that you like them. I had not thought about using him as Sevatar, but now that you mention it he might actually fit the bill. I always found it odd that Sevatar didn't have an artificier armour but in this case that could be a good thing.

Originally Posted by LokiDeathclaw View Post
First time looking through your log! (well the last few!) The NL models, especially the contemptor are incredible i wish i could convert like that. Can't wait to see them painted!
Thank you for your kind words! This Contemptor is the first one I've ever converted. The process was actually pretty standard and easy to follow. Sculpting the wing was my first attempt at anything like that and it came out very well. Using clay shapers for the sculpting and having reference photos helped a lot. It's mostly a matter of patience (and not putting your finger on top of what you just did...)

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
Glad to hear it mate - i'm already quite far behind on my painting and I think Santa might have some shiny new tanks en route to my stocking

Loving the contemptor, and that squad is beautiful. Sometimes NL look a little comical with their winged helmets but these guys are oozing dread and malice. Fantastic work as always
My personal Santa was very nice to me as well, although he didn't bring me tanks – instead he brought me evil elves...

I think you have to achieve some kind of balance between the size and scope of the wings and the rest of the miniature. Many of the GW kits have had waaay to large helmet wings which fit in a cinematic setting (and the artwork) but it's just wonky on the miniatures. Using smaller wings and tweaking them a little proved helpful. I'm still holding out for some official helmets from FW, I've seen them but they might just be personal projects or prototypes so no telling if and when they'll get released. Anyway they won't stop me from making my own no matter what.


All right friends. I've been pushing this update in front of me for a while now because I couldn't find the time to actually transfer my thoughts into words. I've been working quite a lot lately and I've found that if I had any strength left in the evening I'd rather spend it painting than typing out long and complicated rants over here. This has in turn built up kind of a backlog in content for the project log which has in turn made it even harder for me to actually finish typing out the update – I believe you call that a vicious circle?

I have now completed the first Legion Tactical squad for my Night Lords Army (the final marine being number 5 in the pictures below for those interested). These are all in Mk III armour and the ONLY thing they are lacking right now are legion markings on their shoulder pads because the Mk III variant wasn't released when I started these and I didn't want to paint them on myself. So once I do get around to order more stuff from forgeworld (ie soon) those pieces will be added to the purchase and I will update this squad and change the left shoulder pads for the "right" kind because I want as many miniatures as possible in this army to have sculpted legion markings. Apart from this fact the unit is completed. As you can see I've also been using these "unit trays" originally made for LotR units (although the ones I have are mdf pieces brought from eBay) which helps me organize my miniatures in my cabinet – I decided to paint the tray up in the same basing scheme to complete the look for the squad:

For those interested in how I paint my Night Lord legionnaires I have compiled this list of colours and steps for you leisure:

I've been considering expanding the fluff for this army and I have some general ideas and pointers that I will explore as I get along. I tend to come up with snippets on my commute to work and I quickly write them down on a notepad and I have a few paragraphs now but I want to save them for more significant miniatures before I expand on it in actual publicly viewable writing.

For now I would like some name suggestions for these legionnaires pictured below, the quest is to replace all the "???" with acual names. Feel free to type any that comes to mind with motivations for your choices if you have any. What I'm looking for is suitable first names along with nicknames, as an example: Orn the Craven could have been a legionnaire mocked by his fellows for some accident or bout of unlucky circumstances, now fighting to regain some degree of respect to end the ceaseless "teasing" from his brethren (or just silently plotting to end them all whence opportunity arises). If you have more suggestions than one feel free to type them all out because there are many legionnaires coming as we go along...

1. Legionnaire ???

2. Legionnaire & Honoured Vexilla Bearer ???

3. Legionnaire Sergeant ??? with Plasma Pistol and Powersword

4. Legionnaire & Nuncio vox-caster ???

5. Legionnaire ???

6. Legionnaire ???

7. Legionnaire ???

8. Legionnaire ??? with optics

9. Legionnaire ???

10. Legionnaire ???

Apart from the Night Lord Legionnaires I got these presents from Santa this year!

Those of you that' doesn't know my history with warhammer probably don't know why I have a weak spot for Dark Elves so I'll give you a short recap. Back whence Xeno was but a wee lill' boy (i.e. never ever since I'm a giant) my brother got himself some High Elves along with their army book. Being utterly inspired by the hobby (having built a few model airplanes at the time and enjoyed the sniffing of glue and making the motor sounds as I travelled around in our house with my imagination on the plastic buggers) I also wanted to do High Elves (because I guess that's the way it works when you're the younger sibling). After some quibling it was decided that I should do Dark Elves and those plastic warriors with the stale poses and giant swords where the first ever miniatures I ever got. For years I would long for awesome miniatures such as dragons...

Move ahead a couple of years and some of my friends decided to give Warhammer Fantasy a try (again, for some of us), and due to some stupid idea of me not realising I have way to much to complete already I figured I'd give it a try myself. Apart from the boxes in the picture above I have also bought a couple of boxes of Witch Elves (because I love their concept). The idea I have in mind right now is to do a Cult of Slaanesh inspired army but I could use some input in useful units for actual gameplay and maybe mostly useful unit sizes and combinations. Right now I have no clue about how fantasy even works so these purchases where mostly in the "oooh – shiny" territory (which some of us are lucky enough to be able to afford I guess).

What I have available right now is something akin to this list:

Knowing that I'd like to have a Witch Elf unit with me no matter what kind of army I'll end up building I decided to put them together first. Now you might wonder why I've mounted them on round bases and ruined the entire unit set-up (because round bases are bigger when you rank them up) – this is not only an aesthetic choice but also a thing I wanted to do to be able to use some of these miniatures as 40k daemons of slaanesh should I ever want to. Also - what can I say - I love round bases!

The Avatar of Khaine unit filler is magnetized to the base so I can move it to the Cauldron of Blood as needed. I just had to try this idea out because unit filler opens up a lot of possibilities that you don't have in 30k-40k.

You might also notice that all the Witch Elves currently built are either hairless or faceless which is just me toying around with some ideas on how to paint them to get the best effect (ie making things easier on myself). Do not despair, in the end then won't be faceless.

To add some flavour to the Elves I took an Avatar of War Amazon which I'm now in the process of converting into my Dark Elves Witch Elf Hag Queen. I spent a saturday grinding away the legs and her left forearm to get rid of her axe as well. Now I've started to rebuild her and while there still is a lot left to do (fill out her hair, fill out the cloak and so on) she's starting to look more like the kind of dark elf I want her to look like:

I hope this update was big enough to warrant the long wait and that you should find something in it worth a comment or two.

Till next time
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