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I'm still going to stick with the crone or two myself. Flying off the table edge as far forward as possible on turn 1 then returning later to vector strike their way across the board, then throw tentaclids at bothersome vehicles and flyers seems like a good strategy to me. It's worked well with my tyrant in the past and a S8 strike should be even better.

Gargoyles I will use as well, just... one unit of twenty. They still accomplish plenty, a pressing distraction since my opponent is well aware of what combat with them means.

As for the rest, I'm still not sold on anything necessarily being better than anything else. I'm going to try a few combinations and see what really works alongside what I already have. The Fleshborer Hive sounds a good idea but I also want to see how biovores work out. I don't expect them to be fantastic but at least they're cheap for long range anti-infantry.

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