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Elsen's voice grew quiet, quivering with barely controlled rage. "No Corporal. It was not. The men who kept me as a prisoner for most of my childhood cut off my arm as a punishment for trying to stop them from harvesting the organs of the other slaves. "

His remaining biological eye twitched briefly as he shuddered, momentarily lost in memory. His voice was bathed in past agonies as he spoke, a decade and a half of torture in every word. "I made the mistake of trying to shove their doctor off a girl who they were vivisecting. It was foolish - I was a quarter his size. I paid the consequences of my hasty action. I lost my arm - and found myself in the next batch of children whose organs were harvested by vivisection."

"I was lucky - the governor's forces assaulted their outpost and managed to keep me from dying. I was given life and purpose after the suffering - service to the Emperor was my salvation." He tilted his head, smiling in a cheshire parody of camaraderie, allowing his augmentic left eye to glow with a dull red light. "Does that satisfy your curiosity, Corporal? Perhaps you'd care to hear about the hot poker they used to take my eye?"

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