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I got in a game against the new nids yesterday - I really enjoyed it. Can't emphasise that enough I used my black legion csm list for the first time. It was a good, close game.

The Swarmlord is still evil. The Mawloc doing his st6 ap2 hit on a squad with a wound re-roll is excellent. When it arrives beneath someone, I assume if you hit, you start taking casualties from the centre outward so could that be used similar to barrage sniping? (Didn't think about it at the time)

There was a Trygon Prime, a Tervigon, a Mawloc, The Swarmlord, A flying Tyrant and what seemed like an ocean of smaller gribblies. Most of my force spent most of the game hiding at the back of the board, shitting itself and shooting for all it was worth

It was that lovely moment at deployment (at 2k) where your opponant puts down unit after unit and you're thinking 'anytime you'd like to stop I honestly wouldn't mind'

It was seriously fun.
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