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Originally Posted by Da Joka View Post
Here's my list of problems I have with the codex that people seem to be glossing over:
1) Only one unit has a 2+ save (and it's not a HQ or a Carnifex
2) Primaris Psychic power is a Joke.
3) AP2 Melee Weapons only found on MCs and Tyrant Guard
4) Grenades where you don't need them, missing even so much as an option where you do (aside from paying for them on a Tyranid Prime and having him join a unit)
5) Still no Allies, nor expanded FOC
6) Tons of really cool Wargear/Biomorph options.... that next to no one can take.
1)so do other books. Eldar only have it on PL's and Dark Eldar don't have it full stop. Not that big a deal really since it's supposed to be a valued commodity. I hope other books restrict it as much.

2)increasing synapse range a joke? It's on the same level as other primaries powers plus it allows slower beasties to control faster units like Hormagaunts or Raveners without relying on wings.

3) most armies have sparse AP2 weapons. Bids have more than most due to the amount if MC's one can bring to the table.

4) grenades are an option on Warriors. A great place if you ask me. If nods had grenades everywhere they would be more expensive in points and then it would lose the swarm factor.

5) I'll give you that one I thought something would be done about it.

6) loads of creatures can take the normal biomorphs. If you mean the artifacts but in every army only HQ options can take them.

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