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Okay, a few more verdicts.

The crone, as I figured did perform as I wanted for the few turns it was alive. Granted it is still somewhat fragile, so I encourage not being shy about lobbing tentaclids at the earliest opportunity. Overall, I stick with my initial impression of worthwhile. I'm even planning to add a second.

Winged Hive Tyrant, now cheaper and just as awesome as before. Spent nearly all game vector striking my opponent's infantry lines, even managing a triple run against a deffkopta squad, Killa Kanz and a deff dred. Definitely worthwhile.

Tyranid Prime, surprisingly efficient. I equiped him with the Reaper of Obliterax for lols bur the extra strength stat really let him earn his points back, laying waste to a foolhardy ork nob squad and even the warboss alongside his tyranid warrior brood. The boost he gave to the brood and the extra strength from the artifact were the real positive points to this.

Termagaunts, gargoyles, just as swarmy and bothersome as usual. The carnifex likewise turned out to be hit and miss (I ran two and got one of each result with them) but since I could run them cheaper there was no real regret on that front.

I'm going to change my list for my next game to see how some other units and tactics perform. But with one win so far my outlook is optimistic.

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