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Today I have browsed through the Tyranid codex. It's not mine so I don't have it on hand right this moment, which means I don't exactly remember costs or effects, but I still have a feel of their general state.

I like the new codex. If we didn't have stuff like riptides, missilesides, wave serpents, 48" scoring jetbikes and screamerstars I'd be pretty satisfied with its general state, unfortunately a few problems have been laid in this edition that we'll have to keep for several years which kind of spoil the fun.

But, against anything that isn't tournament comp I think it's a lot better than it first looked. And I don't mean better than the internet backlash made it sound, I mean better than I personally thought when looking at costs and stats. Sure, lots of things got nerfed, and I do mean a lot (no rerolls from scything talons and almost everything being WS 3, still being an assault-dependant army in an edition where shooting rules and shooty armies are in control of what gets to assault and what doesn't, plus the removal of mycetic spores) but I don't see, for example, Space Marines or non-screamerstar Daemons or IG auto-winning against pretty much anything Tyranids could possibly field.

Hell I've been wanting to play my sisters against Tyranids since forever and I'm pretty sure it would be a fun game, and if sisters stand a chance against it it cannot possibly be a broken codex. It would be terrible broken if it was to struggle against them, but I don't think that's the case either.

It's still going to be vastly ignored in the meta and hardly going to place anywhere relevant in tournament play.
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