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As Wraith listened to the commissars instructions many questions came to mind; who are we really working for? Where would they be going after this? His thoughts were cut short as Tincan moved and dispatched the first cultist. Then his blood ran cold as he heard the crackle of the vox caster.

He quickly moved to crouch behind the nearby crates and surveyed the room his neetler snapping to his shoulder. He could see three cultists patrolling the nearby vicinity. Further down the room he could see one more cultist facing away from him. His attention turned though as one of the nearby heretics looked straight a shadow. He was put down quickly by shadow a well-placed round to the neck.

But the damage was done. The other two turned to look and at their comrade as he crashed to the floor. Wraith reflexively sent a round into the closest and watched as the last began to pull out a crude looking vox. Before he could get out a word however a small drop of blood rolled down his face as he dropped to the floor a neetle protruding.

Wraith checked the room again and couldn’t make out a change with the last cultist he could see. He changed the magnification on his scope and looked again he noticed two more in the far alcoves but none of them appeared to be aware of what transpired.

This unnerved wraith and set him on edge. He wanted to hunt this close quarters environment left him out of his element. He signaled to the other two then set his sights on the cultist in the middle of the room and waited for them to make their move.
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