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Default Old School Warhammer Novels

Hi guys

I thought it was long overdue that i actually contribute to this hobby for a change. I was sorting out my mountains of warhammer books and thought it would be good to read the older ones again. I went online to see if i could find any reviews for them to help me decide which ones and i found there was not a lot of love shown to warhammer fantasy novels so i thought i would try my hand at a blog reviewing them all. I started right at the very start with the GW books published in 1989.

I quickly decided real reviews were boring and not entertaining so i went for a comedy effort instead. Now i have reached the end of the original line of books and before i invest more time into it i thought it would be worth seeing if it was worth continuing or not. So if you want a nostalgic trip with some jokes in between and also to find out more about the books themselves give it a try. Let me know, either here or leave comments on the blog with what you think, how to make it better, or if i should cut my losses and run.

First post can be found here or you can pick off a specific book from the menu on the right (blogger wants to post them all chronologically).

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