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Originally Posted by MetalHandkerchief View Post
He's not a crap writer. Some things seem at least a little creative from him. But his blatant disregard for balance. My god. He managed to write both the worst (Nids) and the most overpowered (Guard) codex in just one year of releases. That kind of inconsistency takes a long time to iron out. And sure, some day I could forgive, but it is still way too fresh in memory and the stink still lingers.
Consistency is a problem for more than one writer.

Phil Kell - Gave us Eldar (OP!!!!), Chaos Marines (SUCKS!!!!) and Demons (Sucks but now OP?)
Jeremy Vetock gave us Tau (OP!!!) and Dark Angels (SUCKS!!!!)

The only consistent writer was Mat Ward - who's books consistently rose in power. BA.GK.Necrons.

I hope the Nid dex is good. I don't see them on the table often enough.

Edit:OP/Sucks rating system is entirely bollocks and listed like that as thats the way I've seen people respond to previous codex's.
All we can do is sod game balance, enjoy the game for what it is and hope when the next 'dex comes out for one of my armies, it'll put me on top of the heap for a bit...

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