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Originally Posted by fatmantis View Post
my humble opinion dry brushing works better with things like cloth and fur..on Armour and skin it makes it look chalky.
I thoroughly agree with this. Usually I use drybrushing on bone, metal and cloth - But never flesh. It's a technique that is good for a matt surface shade, but when doing it with flesh it does appear dry and chalky. In terms of how to paint flesh via layers, I have described how I do it in my tutorial of Pink Horrors. I would gladly give you the color combination I use for bloodletters if you want to give it a shot You can see my colortheme in my project log, on the very first page - The link is in m signature.

Beyond that, shades would be a natural next stage for your painting skills. Aggrax earthshade for bones, Nuln Oil for metals etc. It's a fast and effective way of giving your models more depth.

If you are in doubt of what a shade actually does, here's a quick comparison shot for you:

The guy on the left is simply painted and the guy on the right has been painted in the same color and given a red shade. Personally I would recommend doing this on flesh and skin instead of drybrushing, as you still get those nice shadows going, but the effect is more fluent and flesh-like.

As others have said, you're definately not off to a bad start. Don't devaluate your skills, as it can be a tough area to start on if you don't have any tips to go on.

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