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Originally Posted by kyleripper View Post
Alright finally up and posted XD. Sorry for the double post lol, just finished this today. Might seem a bit weird with the final paragraph though.

Name: Ianus Evandrus

Age: 109 standard Terran years

Ianus stands 7'1 tall, the average height for an Astartes Marine, and weighs close to 389lbs, just slightly under the average weight of what an Astartes is often thought to weigh close to. He has what would be considered to be an athletic built compared to other Astartes as Ianus prefers a more lean and agile build to allow him more fluid and flowing form of swordsmanship. When it comes to his physical and facial features, Ianus has a rather handsome face, that seems to match his pale white skin, which is more than likely due to the lack of actual sunlight through the huge city buildings that blocked out the sun, and many ships which he had resided aboard before being taken to fill the ranks of the Grey Knights, although it's often also attributed to the fact his skin is always covered and hidden from any sunlight due to his armour. Ianus's hair is blonde, which is often kept messy if not a bit curly due to his helmet which he wears quite often, although in truth it's why his hair is usually cut short to prevent such bad bedhead or helmet hair. His face is usually always seen with a smile or grin across, showing his white teeth which he takes great pride in taking care as way to show his purity. As for his eyes, they are a gentle green, that match the lush moon of his homeworld, that often give off an almost calming sense. Another facial feature is his rather odd colored facial hair that does not at all match his hair color, which is usually why he shaves when ever he gets the chance to. When it comes to scars and battle wounds... he has a wide array of scars and grievous injuries from the many battles fought during his service with the Grey Knights. Then there are the tattoo's itched into his flesh as is a normal custom for any who earn the title of Battle Brother within the Grey Knights.

Like any Grey Knight Battle-Brother Ianus had been awarded the unpainted grey ceramite Aegis Power armour. However upon his shoulder pauldrons are the acid-itched rites and prayers that give him added protection against his Daemon foes. His helm also seems to stand out some, as there is a large recently fixed scar that remains visible across and over the left eye and down to where the jaw, which was received during his most recent deployment. There are also a number of purity seals that decorate his armour, one which was placed upon the trim of his left shoulder for defence, another placed upon his right armour for the blessing of speed and agility in cutting down his unholy foes, and finally two upon his legs for speed.

General- Ianus is well known for his rather kind hearted nature towards humanity and his fellow battle-brothers for whom he would gladly lay down his life for if the situation required it. His love for humanity stems from the belief of the love the Emperor of man has for those he protects and rules over. It also gives him some level of mental fortitude when fighting against the numerous Daemons that seem to spawn up every hour. When with his fellow battle-brothers he does his best to act friendly and remain talkative while building a number of close bonds with each brother to help fight and work together as a more effective team than normal. Of course there is also his psychic abilities which to him feel like a blessing, given to him by the Emperor himself, as it has always given him a number of paths. It's his belief that the Emperor had guided him through the 666 trials of the Grey Knights, and had given him the right to earn his place in the Chapter, who carry the holy genes of the Emperor within themselves.

Combat- Like any Astartes of the Grey Knights Chapter, Ianus aspires to destroy all forms of Chaos, and the taint Daemons and the foul forces of the dark gods leave behind. Like many of his fellow Astartes, Ianus has used his own discipline to help give him an edge over those who make normal men fear, and even fellow Astartes would hesitate in front of. Due to his precognition abilities he has been able to avoid deadly and otherwise fatal blows by the skin of his teeth, before he makes his counter. To help hone his Psychic discipline he has chosen to focus his combat expertise around swordsmanship. Although the real reason for him choosing to combat his foes in CQC is the chance to strike down the foul Daemon spawns with his blade and fully ensure they remain dead.

Hobbies- Ianus has a wide array of hobbies and interests, many of which revolve around daily prayer to the Emperor, and sparing matches with his brothers. However he also tends to enjoy reading, as he finds reading to be a nice time killer that actually allows him to train his brain during the slow days, or during warp travel. In truth he has no special hobbies, other than practising his sword play, and honing his psychic abilities to help him in future conflicts against the almost limitless hordes of Daemon spawns.

The Trials-
Brutal and unrelenting hell... is all Ianus remembers from his training and the numerous trials he underwent during his rise to become a Grey Knight. Though his trials to join the ranks of the Grey Knights had pitted him against all forms of horrors no normal mortal should ever have to undergo, it had also given him a purpose, it gave him a new sense along with a stronger faith in the people his Emperor had protected. Through his trials he had gained the strength to see the many paths that had lead him to where he is today within the ranks of the Knights, and have allowed him to shield his brothers that would otherwise be dead if not without some guidance. One such example was during his trials where he had fought beside his fellow Neophytes in the 666 trials. During his trials he along with his friend were pitted against a number of enemies, and tasks that required them to survive in lands that would otherwise be considered hell by the locals. Very much like the training of the Ancients, but far more horrific. It was there that Ianus' abilities had come to him as though the Emperor himself had come from the golden throne on Terra to give him warnings, laying out a path for him to follow... however one day he was forced to leave behind his friend the moment he had taken the wrong path. Although it was actually his friend who had forced him to leave him, in the face of daemons. The wounded Ianus swore he would never leave another of his brothers again, and would hone his abilities to ensure he would never lead his brothers to the path of death.

After he made the vow to the Emperor, he devoted his life to study more, and hone his abilities in the blade and physic abilities. Time quickly flew by, and Ianus had survived the trials and had earned his right to join the ranks of the Grey Knights as a full battle-brother. No sooner had he gotten his wargear, he was assigned to a strike squad, which was lead by a rather interesting Justicar. Ianus would serve with this strike squad for close to a generation. During this time he had began to focus his time towards a new path, one that had been suggested by one of the very very few Chaplain's. After a number of years of service, Ianus' faith in the Emperor and humanity had shown he might have the abilities to one day take on either the duties of a Chaplain, or possibly be inducted into the ranks of the purifiers. However it was up to Ianus to chose his own fate, and as such he did his own thing, he began to study magical tomes in order to hone his Emperor blessed gifts, and protect humanity. During the times he had free time to train, he would not only hone his skills in combat but also use the time to study what magical tomes he could to gain further insight into how to destroy Daemons for good. With the help of his Justicar, and one of the Chapter Chaplain's and Librarians.

During his 90th year however he and his strike squad came face to face with a greater Daemon, one that proved to be more of a draughting challenge than he and his fellow brothers had first realized. The battle had lasted close to a year. The strike Squad had a harder time fighting for the liberation of the planet from the greater Daemon and his forces, most of whom were traitor PDF forces that turned against the local population and their fellow PDF troops. However by the end of the year traitor forces were quickly destroyed along with their daemon support, leaving but a few and the greater daemon. The final battle proved to be the hardest fight for the Strike squad, more so when two of the squad had perished in battle, and another some time during the fight for the planet. However Ianus kept his thoughts focused upon killing the daemon. During the fight, Ianus was pitched into solo combat with the daemon, and another. His squad thought the worst, but their spirits were soon lifted the moment he returned to his brothers, his armour scarred and battered, but Ianus more or less unharmed save a few cuts a bruises from the battle. In truth Ianus had used his precognition during his battle and had managed to kill the daemon for good. Shortly after he and his squad helped save the local population and retake the planet, they returned to Titan where Ianus soon returned to his studies, acting in his usual joking and joyful way.

Psychic discipline: precognition seems to be the main focus of Ianus, as it has always guided him through his trials, and even through many battlefields throughout the galaxy.

-Aegis Power armour
-Nemesis Force Sword, x1
-Storm Bolter, x1
-Frag grenades
-Krak grenades
-Psyk-out grenades
Sweet you're in. On a side note, I removed the number of grenades you have for the same reason that I don't have any number of ammunition rounds that and character carries. I'll let you know when you are running low/out of ammo/grenades, if that happens. Although, just as a general note, that doesn't mean you should spam them at every available opportunity.

Now, I've still had no response from Krymson so I'll be waiting for Euphrati's character to start this with a demi-squad of five. Thanks for waiting this long, and I hope your patience can hold out just a little longer.

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