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If they have removed Mycetic spores, it is likely for the sheer unwieldyness of a model able to contain 20-odd nids. There may well be another, easier option for them instead that doesn't require a model. Like giving squads the ability to tunnel, or more creatures who can make tunnels for them. Maybe all MCs are able to do it? We won't know til saturday.

Admittedly given we've seen the troops pages this may be unlikely - but then the Daemon codex had their entry methods in the bestiary rather than in the troops pages.

Or they may have included that you can deepstrike via spores, but that those spores explode in a gloopy mess on impact rather than requiring a model? Or that you can choose your entire force to deploy that way, hence it's not mentioned in the troops pages?

I very much doubt that an army so reliant on getting to the enemy, and who has no dedicated transports, would have their only way of getting close quick utterly removed...

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