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Name: Galahad

Age: 130 Terran Standard Years

Appearance: Naturally, Galahad’s armour is unpainted as is the same with all his brother Grey Knights. Unlike many of his battle brothers however, his armour is extremely plain, bearing only one purity seal on the left pauldron in addition to the typical engravings of protective litanies and symbols. He carries the Liber Daemonicum on his chest plate in the only truly extravagant part of his armour. His armour appears more suited to a penitent than a skilled and deadly warrior, such is its apparent plainness. He carries a Nemesis Warding Stave almost as tall as he is and perfectly balanced so that he can move incredibly quickly with it, almost making up for the reduced combat effectiveness and enabling him to actually outfight many foes wielding a more efficient weapon such as a sword or axe. Across his chestplate is inscribed the ancient prayer I am the Hammer:

I am the Hammer,
I am the edge of His Sword,
I am the tip of His Spear,
I am the mail about His Fist,
I am the flight of His Arrows,

I am the right hand of my Emperor,
I am the instrument of His will,
I am His Sword as He is my Armour,
I am His Wrath and He is my Zeal,
I am the Bane of His Foes and the Woes of the Treacherous,

Let us be His Shield,
Let us speak His Word as He fuels the Fire of Devotion,
Let us fight His Battles, as He fights the Battle at the end of time,
And let us join Him there, for Duty ends not in Death,
In Vengeance be true, In Valour be Strong,

I am the Hammer,
I am the Sword,
I am the Spear,
I am the Shield,
I am the soldier at the End of Time.

Beneath the armour he is pale skinned and wiry for an Astartes, making him faster than most of his brothers. His features could best be described as noble of countenance, appearing to be carved from marble; this appearance has only been heightened by his ascension to the rank of Astartes, despite the affected proportions. His eyes are a deep green and his fair hair is kept cropped close to his skull. His skin is tattooed with wards matching those on his armour. Also decorating his body is the Canticle of Absolution, written in High Gothic. Despite his long years of service, Galahad’s body is completely unscarred unlike that of his brother Mordred.

Personality: Galahad would best be described as taciturn. However he is still more open than most of his squad members, being the most prepared to share his thoughts and feelings with his brothers even if that is not actually that impressive in terms of the openness of the rest of his squad. Indeed he still won’t speak a word of his trials, believing that some memories are better kept buried than left in the open where they can only cause pain and suffering. He is patient; understanding that eventually even the greatest of foes will make a mistake and that he must ensure he is alive to take advantage of it if he is to defeat them. To his brothers he is the voice of reason and control, matched against Mordred’s focus and stubbornness, Auril’s brooding and Talerion’s temper. This is only enhanced by his ability of telepathy, being able to hear thoughts - and, indeed, project them - makes it easy for him to keep the squad as closely knit a fighting unit as possible. Even for a Grey Knight, he is pure of heart and soul, his very presence being anathema to Daemons even when compared with his brothers. Perhaps it is for this reason that his main goal as a Grey Knight is to ascend to the ranks of the Purifier, to be one of those who stand as a shining light in the darkest fathoms of the Warp.

History: Some people say what you don’t know can’t hurt you. This is wrong. A more accurate phrase would likely be what you don’t remember can’t hurt you. What you do remember, on the other hand, can scar you for a lifetime. Galahad has apparently blocked his own memories of his trials for he cannot recall anything of them; his earliest memory is just after returning from them, when he was finally named. Unlike his brother Talerion who vaguely recalls them, Auril who doesn’t care and Mordred who - although he remembers them - seldom, if ever, speaks of them, Galahad actually remembers nothing.

As a Grey Knight he has spent most of his time off the battlefield training with his brother and friend, Mordred. Training against such an excellent swordsman has honed his skills with the Warding Stave he carries to a razor edge and his training with his full squad has helped improve his skill with his Telepathy, using it to help coordinate the squad when they are out of visual range and vox is disabled. He also developed the ability to influence the actions of others using his powers, creating small illusions. While these cannot trick psykers, they are more than effective against none-psykers.

An example of their effectiveness was the storming of the Black Basilica, a Chaos held Ramilies-class Starfort. While the leader of the heretics was a Daemon Prince of Khorne and the reason Grey Knights had been deployed; between Squad Dothrac and it was a horde of cultists and over a hundred Black Legion Chaos Space Marines

Upon leaving the ship, Dothrac was immediately set upon by a swarm that they, along with several other Grey Knights, gunned down in short order by disciplined volleys of bolter fire.

When Dothrac came upon an especially large group roaming the corridors alongside eight marines of the Black Legion, it turned out that illusions of running footsteps can spark a tide of bloodlust, the appearance of an aimed weapon in a fellow man’s hand can cause infighting and the appearance of a fallen marine can cause mass suicides among weak willed cultists. At the end of it only three of the marines were left standing and ten of the cultists, the rest of them having killed themselves off. Of the remainder, only one was still alert and unharmed and so he died first when Squad Dothrac descended on them.

The Daemon Prince, when faced with the righteous fury of the Grey Knights called upon one of its God’s greatest Daemons, a Bloodthirster.

The mighty creature killed several of the Grey Knights that tried to face it, slicing them with its axe, snapping them with its whip or simply crushing them with its hands or hooves.

While the Brotherhood Champion, two Purifiers and three Paladins faced the Daemon Prince, Squad Dothrac and their fellow strike squads were left to defeat the Bloodthirster. The squad truly worked in concert, with Galahad drawing its attention and fending off blows left and right with his Warding Stave, infuriating it with illusions that, while they didn’t affect it as such, riled it as Khorne’s hatred of psykers, and therefore the hatred of his servants, was unmatched.

While Galahad was fending off its attacks, Mordred, Talerion and Auril were striking devastating blows against it, along with the other strike squads while Galahad and one other Warding Stave wielder dodged and blocked every attack sent their way until it was finally brought down by the other Grey Knights and by the introduction of the men who had been fighting the Daemon Prince, minus two Paladins and a Purifier, joined.

Galahad has, for as long as he can remember, wanted to become a Purifier. To be pure and stand guard against the predations of Chaos wherever the Daemons surfaced.

Psychic Discipline: Telepathy

Wargear: Aegis Power armour, Nemesis Warding Stave, Storm Bolter, Frag grenades, Krak grenades, Psyk-out grenades

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