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for chaos space marines use abbadon and a dreadnought with twin-linked lascannon, just keep shooting him with the lascannon untill he gets close enough then unleash abbadon, ive killed a nightbringer before with just ababdon so i think you will win.
Or take lots of sorceres and get the gift of chaos power, if you roll a 6 you will turn the night bringer into a chaod spawn lol there god is not as powerful as the power of chaos.

if by you can only use chaos means you can use chaos daemons. then use the skull taker, one 4+ wound and then the night bringers dead( unless he gets lots of saves)

W:9 D:0 L:0

Chaos Marines
W:21 D:2 L:3

If you want peace.....prepare for war!

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