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Originally Posted by revan4559 View Post
Heres my character sheet Deus with the changes you asked for. Let me knoe via pm, message or skype if i need to change anything.

Name: Mordred

Age: 128 Years Old

Appearance: Remaining unpainted like all armour of the Grey Knights Chapter, Mordred’s armour is almost as knightly as you can get it with a high pointed gorget to protect his throat, with his shoulder plates bearing a higher rim along the top inscribed with wards against daemons and traitors with the bottom corners each bearing a purity seal. Mordred’s chestplate is rather plain compared to most of his battle brothers with only the Liber Daemonicus and a small downturned sword attached to the chestplate with the words ‘Vengeance’ inscribed along the blade. The rest of Mordred’s armour is unremarkable bearing no real sign of personalization other than inscribed litanies or wards against daemons with his vambraces bearing inscriptions and purity seals of strength and ‘true striking’, finally is the silver blue tabard that hands from Mordred’s waist which reach’s down to almost his feet.

Mordred stands at just over average height for an Astartes with a matching build that means he is muscled in all the right areas for one of the God-Emperors chosen save perhaps the muscles around his chest and arms are slightly larger and more defined from his preferred method of training and combat with his Nemesis Force Sword. Mordred’s facial features if he was still human would best be described as hawkish and slightly aristocratic high a pointed nose, high cheek bones and a slightly pointed chin and with eyes of almost silver blue but now he is among the Imperium’s finest the proportions are now larger due to being an Astartes. Mordred often wears his raven black shoulder length hair loose save for when preparing for battle where he then ties it into a small tight pony tail before placing on his helmet.

While being only having served in the Grey Knight’s for little over a century Mordred is still relatively unmarked by his service save perhaps for a thin slightly pink scar that runs from above his right eye diagonally down to just above the left side of his top lip making his face and near permanent sneer of distance which he directs to all traitors and daemons. The rest of his body is covered in the silver inked tattoo’s that form the Aegis with his fore arms bearing additional tattoo’s and liturgies to match those that are on his vambraces.

Personality: To call Mordred serious would not do him or the word any justice, he is serious to the point of being stubborn and utterly unyielding in any situation often scalding the younger Talerion when ever the younger Astartes find time to make any jokes or find any humor in a situation especially in battle though at times Mordred can be given to rare if not slightly understood morbid humor to do with their situation or remarking upon events of the past. To his battle brothers Mordred can always be counted on to be a focus point of seriousness and stubbornness that has served the squad well in battle time and time again through the ability to never give up and always forge a path towards the objective heedless of any dangers going on around him and it is said it is by pure luck this battle brother has remained as undamaged and unscarred as he is at the moment.

Such is Mordred’s distain for the enemies of the Imperium, especially Daemon’s and Traitors alike he has been known to often and willingly charge towards the leaders of such foes in order to take their heads for the God-Emperor and show their followers the result of challenging the Imperium, with Mordred’s preferred method of getting into range with his Force Sword ignoring his Stormbolter completely as where he can use the skills that make him perhaps one of the best, if not the best, swordsman in the squad though his skills can somewhat be placed down to his psychic abilities in the form of precognition that allow him to read the movements of his opponent and the flow of the battle.

History: Mordred seldom recalls the days of his trials or at the very least seldom talks of them even to his closest battle brothers within the squad. All he will often say is he remembers being referred to as no.#648 to which Mordred often says that it was likely his number in the batch of recruits taken. When Mordred passed his trials, become a full fledged member of the Grey Knights and was given the name Mordred he did not feel much other than a burning sense of duty to fight for the Emperor and the Imperium until his dying breath and to the best of his abilities for however long that may be.

Since becoming a full battle brother of the Grey Knight’s Mordred when not slaying Daemons and Traitors alike has spent almost all of his time training and honing his skills with his blade and his psychic abilities so that he can protect his brothers better by slaying and banishing the stronger foes of the Imperium. Mordred and other battle brothers have noticed that even in the opening members of particular fierce battles his swordsmanship is even better than it normally is as it seems his psychic abilities tend to be more towards precognition that allows him to see a few seconds ahead or particular moments in the battle which he subconsciously remembers and prepares himself for.

One such battle was during a purge of the chaos ship: Harbinger of Woe, fifty years into Mordred’s career when the combined strength of half of the Sixth Brotherhood and the Angels of Absolution decided it was time to put an end to the terror that was Argamond the Defiler, a Possessed Lord of the Black Legion. With the rest of the Brotherhood and the Angels of Absolution deploying via boarding pod, thunderhawk transport and teleportation to the rest of Argamond’s fleet it fell to Mordred and rest of squad Dothrac to teleport directly onto the command deck of the ‘Harbinger’ and bring the Emperors retribution to the Defiler.

The moment Squad Dothrac re-entered the material universe Mordred was already moving like his rest of his battle brothers, Mordred drew his Nemesis Force Blade in his right hand while sending two blessed bolt rounds into the face plate of a Black Legion marine blowing out what was left of traitors skull through the back of his helmet before letting his Stormbolter fall silently as he grasped his blade in both hands and removed the right arm and both legs of another traitor before setting about the Emperors Holy Duty as the rest of squad Dothrac engaged with their Justicar heading straight towards the Defiler himself.

It was during the clash between his Justicar and the Defiler that Mordred saw the glimpse of the future that ended with the Justicar being slain as the Defiler’s accursed sword cleaved through his helmet. Not willing to allow such a future to come to pass Mordred was already moving towards the combatants as the blade fell with his own future of the blade cleaving through his own helmet being shown to himself. Heedless of danger to his own life Mordred shoved his Justicar out of the way receiving the blow meant for him instead but at the last moment jerking his head back so the blade’s tip left a bloody trail down his face giving him his scar.

With his Justicar out of harms way for now it was Mordred who proceeded to battle with the Defiler relying on his own swordsmanship and his ‘battle-sight’ to allow him to hold his own and eventually take the head of Argamond after a short by fierce and impressive display of swordsmanship with a back handed strike of his sword and as the traitors head left his neck Mordred did not stop to admire his handy work or even listen to the praise of his Justicar and Brothers for killing the Defiler he simply moved on to aiding his brothers in slaying all remaining traitors on the bridge.

While it has been noted that Mordred and Talerion have a similar role or calling within the squad and chapter itself, potentially being future Company or even Chapter Champions, Mordred’s sights remain firmly set upon the ranks of the Paladins, the greatest warriors and mightiest Daemon-Slayers of the entire chapter. As to become a paladin is to become a champion among champions and a warrior of the highest caliber who has proven himself to all those he calls his brothers.

Psychic Discipline: Precognition

Equipment: Aegis Power armour, Nemesis Force Sword , Storm Bolter, Frag grenades, Krak grenades, Psyk-out grenades
Looking good revan, you're in. I've contacted HonourableMan and Krymson to let them know that this thing may finally get off the ground. kyleripper has a character in the works and I look forward to seeing your characters Santaire and Euphrati.

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