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Mission 2

The Commissar peaks out from behind the wall. The body of one cultist lays on the ground, blood pooling from his throat. Admirable work he thinks. He carefully emerges into the open and is pleased to see that the patrols had been dispatched. He strides toward the exit point, black greatcoat waving by his ankles.

“Excellent work men” he says. “But you , Tincan, slacked off!” The vet looks at the Commissar, stunned. “Simply relaying information is not enough to succeed in this mission! As punishment, I award you with a silenced shotgun that I found on one of the cultists. This shotgun only has one round however, so use it wisely. Maybe now you’ll be encouraged to fight with your team!”

“The rest of you, good work. Shadow and Wraith, you both exercised great teamwork in dispatching the enemy patrols. Unfortunately, you two are stuck with your current gear until I can find something else for you.” A smirk on the Commissar’s face, he continues; “now, we will discuss our next mission.”

“My orders are to lead you west, where there is a shuttle bay. We will search for a functioning shuttle and make our escape in that. So far the Enemy does not now of our existence.” “Sir, what if the shuttles have been destroyed?” Shadow asks. “In that case, I request Exterminatus. That is all my superiors can afford to do.” Wraith steps forward, “and who exactly are your superiors?” The Commissar responds coldly, “that information is classified. And you are in no position to question my orders. Neither am I.”

“Also, I received orders to modify the rules. From here on in, there is a two-post maximum. This means that you must post at least once, but you can post twice per mission. That is all.”

The room to the west stretches down a long way. “Alright men,” the Commissar begins, “clear me a path down this way. It’s a long way across, but this corridor should lead to the main hub. From there, getting to the shuttle bay will be a simple matter. Be cautious, however, I have been told that the cultists behind those security doors are wearing flak armor and have shotguns. Do not raise an alert!”

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