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Jace silently nodded and saluted the commissar before silently running up the side of the wall following his comrades. His movements produced an eerie silence and no matter how much his equipment moved they never made a sound, both by the way he ran and by the hours he’d spent installing sound dampening padding into certain points of his armor.

He made it to the end of the wall in time to see “Shadow” expertly put down the cultist and signal that he would need to take out another with him. He upholstered his bolt pistol and quickly checked to make sure everything was in order. As he spun around the corner he lined up the sights of his pistol with the forehead of the cultist.

As soon as his eyes saw the cultists face is mind flashed back to “that night” and wraith was back. It only took fraction of a second, his eyes widened and then all expression left his face and as wraith returned. Then the cultist was down an expertly placed bolt round between his eyes.

Wraith then silently moved down to the downed cultist position and surveyed the scene. There were two cultists one sitting behind a crate with his back to him and the other was scanning the room. Wraith unslung his Neetler and line up the scope on the first cultist. “Damn can’t make the shot” he thought to himself only the top of the helmet was visible to him in his crouched stance and he couldn’t count on the armor penetrating properly.

He switched targets and carefully lined up a shot on the back of the cultists neck and sent the round. There was a slight click as the hammer swung forward, and all he could make out was a slight muscle twitch in the cultist’s neck before he crumpled to the floor.

He moved his attention to the other cultist but he still hadn’t moved. He signaled back to the other two about the situation, and then returned to his rifle to provide covering fire should anything go amiss.
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