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Default Trials of the 15th

Mission 1

The Commissar’s spirit is eased by the sight of three men. They must have seen him go into hiding, or possibly reverted to their training and took to the shadows to avoid the watchful eye of the Enemy. Needless to say, most of his Imperial forces were wiped out and he felt like a coward for not being there, but a true Imperial servant follows orders. Now it is time to atone and help these few survivors escape.

He recognizes the largest of the survivors to be the Wraith, Jace Ranith. The Commissar can personally attest to his skill with the sniper rifle. The man is as stealthy as any in his veterans unit, and is adept at neutralizing enemy targets through the scope of his sniper rifle. Like this, perhaps, he takes comfort in the knowledge that he can participate in battle without fearing close quarter encounters.

The second vet is immediately recognizable. He possesses a terrifying air and his skill in the shadows is unlike anything the Commissar has ever seen before. This rightly earned him the title “Shadow”. Frightening to any mortal opponent, he possesses a scar on his cheek, and a transfixing gaze made possible by two unique eyes. On his belt, he wears a daunting dagger.

The third man is only slightly shorter than the Wraith, but lacks in bulk. He carries a silenced lasgun, which the Commissar does not like, as the gun is less powerful than the bolt pistol these men carry, but can nevertheless be useful against many foes at once. This man is known as “Tincan” for his metal jaw. The Commissar personally does not approve of such a thing, as it reminds him of the foul greenskin, who often fuse metal appendages to their jaws.

“It is good to see you are all awake” the Commissar begins. “My mission is to escort all of you to safety. If you put your trust in me and follow your orders, we will all leave here alive.” He looks around the room to search for signs of uneasiness. He finds none. “Good. We will begin by exiting this chamber. The layout of this area has been transmitted to all of you, so take a moment to revise it before you depart. Remember that I was not trained as a guerilla soldier, and in all my battles I faced the enemy head-on. This mission will be different for me. You are to go ahead and clear a path so that I can get through. You do not need to kill every patrol, and try to make as little noise as possible to avoid further conflict.” He looks around the room again. “Any questions?” “No Sir!” is the response around the room.

They move to the exit of the storerooms. “Once we pass through this door, there is no turning back. Exiting the room is your goal. The Emperor protects.”


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