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Default HERO of Badab!

I'm new to Warhammer 40k and to the Heresy

I've started a chaos army based on the Red Corsairs

Right now I have (fully painted) 1 Squad

- Huron Blackheart

- 1 Aspiring Champion - Power sword, Plasma Pistol
- 8 Chaos Space Marines - Flamer, Meltagun
- Rhino - Combi-Flamer

This troop is Huron's bodyguards hopefully they'll do a good job at it.
I'll post Photos as soon as I figure out how

I have (unpainted)
- 15 Chaos Space Marines (1 Aspiring Champion - Power Fist, Plasma Pistol)
- 20 Khorne Berserker's
- 5 Possessed Space Marine
- 1 Obliterator
- 1 Defiler

I'll be mostly fighting Necrons and Space Marines

Player has
- Nightbringer
- Necron lord
- 5 Flayed ones
- 2x10 Warriors
- 3 Destroyers
- 7 scarabs

Space Marines

Player has 10,000 point army to choose any combination from!

So if any suggestions on how to beat them or troop selection would be very appreciated

"The strong are strongest alone." Lufgt Huron, Tyrant of Badab.

The Blood Reaver. Master of the Red Corsairs. Lord of the Maelstrom. Huron Blackheart.
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