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nice boy, daft though !
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this kinda thread makes me scratch my head,GW are in the mini making business and in all honesty they are not total fools, if something in the range sells they would logically support it more,people lamented when it was announced that the specialist games/models would be only available online and not in the shops and this was the death knell for quite a few of the specialist systems, and yet on the other hand many many many games and miniatures exist and sell well enough from none GW sources as online only purchases or very limited availability in indie stores and people are perfectly happy with that, hell in some cases many gamers throw there hard earned cash at complete unknown start ups on the promise that they will send them something in the next 12 months without any form of guarantee or refund??
Games like necromunda and space hulk were a great way to play something like 40k without having to get a 6x4 out and terrain and set up etc etc, basically great for when you didnt have many hours to play and a dedicated space to play, but also they were/are cracking good fun,but i think we truly land the blame for lack of support far too quickly with GW, the rules and models have been sat on the online ordering system for years, and even if you didnt like the models as they are a little dated, there has been a plethora of indie models that could have been used instead or with the amount of plastics in the GW range people could have easily kit bashed a gang that they wanted to play.
Personally i would like to see a box set , but a good one, 4 gangs and some good scenery.

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